My clients have big dreams, but aren't sure how to make them happen. I help them obtain the knowledge and information they need to be successful. I help the develop a plan and provide the accountability they need to keep moving. I offer a variety of packages and learning opportunities 

I can help you build the business of your dreams while helping you stay rooted in reality. 

I can help you build the business of your dreams while helping you stay rooted in reality. 

One on one session

I offer several one on one packages for you to chose from. 

4 Session Package- I love working with clients who have made a commitment to building a business that works for them. Working ON your business while you are working IN your business is a challenge. Doing good business today is important, but so is planning for the future. As your personal business guide, I will you be strategic about how you are building your business.   This package includes four 1.5 hour consulting sessions and one follow up email or phone call for $350. Sessions must be used within one year of purchase.

Exit The Rat Race- No one wants to start a business that is doomed to fail or that leads to divorce. Our fears keep us trapped in a job that leaves us feeling unfulfilled and uninspired. I can walk you and your partner or spouse through the process of starting a business that works for you and your family. I will help you obtain the education and information you need to limit your risk and maximize your opportunity. This package includes five 1.5 hour consulting sessions with follow up email or phone call per month for the length of the consulting arrangement. All sessions must be used within six months of purchase. The investment is $500. 

Brainstorming Sessions- Some clients prefer to work on smaller short term projects. They are facing immediate challenges or opportunities and they want to make the most of it. Sessions are $55 for one hour or $75 for an hour and a half. 


Group planning sessions

Group planning sessions are ideal for small businesses with a small leadership team, for independent consultant working on a team with other independent consultants or for leaders of MLM teams. Small groups of powerful leaders benefit from outside guidance and feedback. I can help your team express concerns, ideas and put together a plan for success. 


group classes

As your personal business guide, I'm here to help you find your way to success. I've walked the path. I know the rocky parts and the short cuts. I know the sweet spots with the best views. I can help you you find