I've walked the path. 


Stephanie Zamora Schilling--Business Guide

I have a passion for entrepreneurship. I love my job. Helping people see solutions they don't, and maximize opportunities excites me. I enjoy helping people find personal fulfillment and financial success while charting their own course. Business ownership can either be the American Dream or a living nightmare. I have a passion for entrepreneurship, but I also believe deeply that research and planning can greatly lesson risks associated with business ownership. Successful entrepreneurs are not risk takers. They are researchers. 

I am a chronic entrepreneur. I got my first taste of business when I started my first business when I was ten. Over the years I honed my skills and built successful businesses and failed at others. I learned as much from my losses as my wins. 

The experience and expertise I gained while working for two nonprofit organizations; KCSourceLink  and the Ennovation Center Business Incubator was priceless. Together I assisted more than 3,500 entrepreneurs start or expand businesses. 

These days I am a mom to three beautiful kids, I run a successful security company with my husband Justin and I help people build businesses that lead to fulfillment and profitability. Many business coaches or counselors talk theory and have never run successful and not so successful businesses. I teach from my personal successes and failures. I'm walking the path. I can talk you off the ledge because I know my way down the mountain. 

Family First

I enjoy working with family-focused entrepreneurs. There's more to life than building million dollar companies and working endless hours. I help my clients build businesses financially successful businesses while making sure there is time for their most valuable asset--their families. 

Running a family focused business requires additional skills not covered in any MBA program. I can help you mitigate risk and help you ensure your entrepreneurial dreams won't damage your family or financial future. Are you struggling with work/life balance? I can help you find a place in your life for your work and family. Do you need help getting on the same page with your spouse? That's my specialty. 

Personal Fulfillment

Done correctly, owning a business can be extremely fulfilling. Do you have a talent or passion and want to turn it into a business? I can help you determine what it will take to make it work. I'll help you put together a plan and guide you through the startup process. 

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As your personal business guide, I'm here to help you find your way to success. I've walked the path. I know the rocky parts and the short cuts. I know the sweet spots with the best views. I can help you you find the best way for you.